The Minister of Displaced People's Affairs of the Government of National Accord, Yousef Jalala, said there over 57.000 displaced families from Tripoli since the start of Khalifa Haftar's offensive on April 04 2019.

Jalala told Asharq Al-Awsat that the total number of displaced individuals is over 342.000, mostly women, children, elderly, handicapped and disabled people.

"Some IDPs are living with their relatives in areas away from the fighting, others have rented houses and some others have travelled abroad, especially to neighboring countries. At least 10% of IDPs are living in shelter places, while sole families had to live in deserted buildings due to the hike in rent prices as the number of displaced families increased." Jalala added.

He said his ministry is working on getting approval to provide cash aids to the displaced families but the endeavor is still a no-go. He also said that the GNA provided 120 million dinars for 64 municipalities across the western region to help displaced people at the beginning of the conflict.

He said there are some measures this Ministry is taking to protect the civilians who are displaced to deserted buildings and others in different areas against the outbreak of Coronavirus.

"We have formed a team to gather information, in coordination with civil societies and crisis committees in municipal councils, and to contact international humanitarian organizations working in Libya in order to help provide assistance to the displaced families." Jalala added.