Ministries and war-affected municipalities have discussed in a meeting under the auspices of the UN mission means to deal with the crisis of displacement which has further increased after the aggression on Tripoli.

The meeting discussed the role that the ministries and municipalities can play to promote and enhance a coordinated response under the United Nations in this regard.

Stephanie Williams, deputy head of the UN mission for political affairs, said during the meeting that the mission will continue efforts with its international partners to end the differences in Libya, hoping success for the Berlin Conference, according to the Information Office of the Ministry of Local Government.

"The mission is working from inside the capital Tripoli and supports the Libyan people and a political solution, at the same time it will stay focused on the situation in the south," Williams added.

For his part, Deputy Chief of the UN humanitarian affairs, Yaqoub El-Hilo confirmed that the mission had conducted several visits to host municipalities and noted self-efforts regarding the provision of services, security and safety.

He added that the issue of displacement is still continuing on a daily basis in Tripoli, hoping that this meeting will find appropriate mechanisms to help overcome the obstacles, and yield solutions for the difficulties faced by the displaced.