Citizens from Misurata gathered on Sunday evening to voice their rejection of the Security Council's decision to impose sanctions on the Commander of Al-Samoud Brigade and member of the former General National Congress Brigadier-General Salah Badi.

In a statement issued during the stand, the protesters denounced what they described as “the use of double standards by the international community in the Libyan file”, considering that imposing sanctions on Badi is selective and inequitable.

"The United Nations Mission in Libya and the bodies emanating from the Skhirat agreement remained closed-lipped about the abduction and imprisonment of revolutionaries who had a primary role in the 17 February Revolution. They also turned a blind eye to the crimes and acts committed by the armed groups in Tripoli," the statement read, adding that the major countries involved in the Libyan file do not want the stability of Libya as much as the interest of these countries.

Last Friday, the UN Security Council agreed to impose sanctions against Salah Badi, with the support of Britain, France and the United States, for his opposition to the Presidential Council and the Skhirat agreement, including a travel ban and the freezing of his assets.