Misrata festival

Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah on Saturday inaugurated the Misrata Summer Festival 2023 Carnival, marking the first-ever event of its kind in the city.

In his address, the PM acknowledged the recent distressing events in the country and emphasized the significance of such festivals and events in bringing back life and positivity.

"Despite the painful events the country saw the past two days, life is returning today through such events and festivals," Dbeibah said as he urged everyone to join hands in preserving the nation's stability and security.

The festival's opening ceremony featured a high turnout of people from all walks of life, who enjoyed captivating performances by folklore bands and a spectacular fireworks display, signifying the start of Misrata's Summer Festival 2023.

The week-long event offers a diverse range of activities, including cinema, theater, circus, and plastic arts shows, along with classic car shows and rallies, with local and international participants from Spain, Turkey, and Palestine.