"My forces are redline," Khalifa Haftar warns

"My forces are redline," Khalifa Haftar warns

July 15, 2015 - 13:35
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Written By: Abed

Rogue General, Khalifa Haftar, said  Tuesday  that his forces are “redline”, reaffirming that those forces will not go under any political dialogue and will face as strongly as possible all of the plots waved against them.

In a meeting with Dignity Operation leaders in Al-Marij city, he claimed that his forces have acquired legitimacy and support from the Libyan people, stressing that the “armed militias”, as he called them, can never be rivals to him at any cost.

Haftar is concerned that he would be out of the Libyan political scene if the conflict parties came to terms regarding the UNSMIL draft that says in its last version that the authorities of the Chief Commander of Libyan Army will go to the national unity government, which he utterly rejects.

Last February, he, backed with his Tobruk parliament supporters, forced the parliament to create a new military post to fit his aspirations. Under tribal pressure and fan protests, the parliament invented the "Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces" post.

In March, the dissolved parliament assigned him for the new post and promoted him to lieutenant general, a measure that is recognized by Haftar's supporters only.

Tobruk parliament is controlled by Khalifa Haftar and his dignity operation allies.