A prominent figure of Misrata's community Sheikh Ibrahim bin Ghashir has reiterated that they are open to any dialogue with their brothers in the eastern region, provided that Haftar is excluded from any talks.

His remarks came during a meeting with a delegation of representatives from the eastern tribes who supported Haftar in his war against Tripoli, according to a source who attended the meeting.

The eastern delegation arrived in Misrata last Monday to start negotiations for exchanging prisoners between both sides of the conflict.

Sheikh bin Ghashir told the delegation if they want to hold talks, Haftar must be excluded.

 "Haftar has killed Libyans, destroyed their homes, and brought mercenaries to the country, with Haftar in the scene, there will be no dialogue”, he said.

Sheikh bin Ghashir explained that the eastern region's problem is not with Misrata alone, telling them "You will have to face all those who have been displaced and harmed by Haftar."

He emphasized that they welcome any genuine dialogue that aims to solve the crisis and ends the division in the country, but criminals who killed, harassed, exhumed bodies, destroyed homes, and brought in mercenaries to the country must be excluded.