Members of the National Consensus Bloc of the High Council of State (HCS) called on the House of Representatives (HoR) to issue urgent laws prohibiting all companies supporting the Israeli occupation from participating in upcoming tenders, especially in the oil and gas sectors in Libya.

The Bloc submitted a proposed law regarding boycotting supporters of the aggression against Gaza to the HoR, the first article of which stipulated that every individual inside Libya or representing them abroad is prohibited personally or through an intermediary from concluding an agreement or conducting any transaction in any way with a person who has the nationality of one of the countries that supports the war of Israel in Gaza.

The proposal also stipulated in its second article that the Government of National Unity in coordination with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Finance shall prepare lists of foreign companies and individuals subject to this law, saying that these lists will be updated annually after their approval by the government. It also called in its third article to apply the criminal penalties stipulated in Law No. 62 of 1957 regarding the boycott of Israel to those who would violate this law.

The Bloc said that this step would be the clearest and most optimal expression of the extent of Libyan solidarity at the popular and official levels with the Palestinian Cause, hoping that this proposal would resonate at the HoR and that its position could reflect the will of the Libyan people. It hailed the position of the HCS that expressed in a clear statement the brutal aggression against Gaza and all the Palestinian territories.

The HoR earlier called on the ambassadors of countries supporting the Israeli occupation to leave Libya immediately, urging its designated government to stop exporting oil and gas to countries backing the occupation, if the occupation did not stop its aggression.

The HoR condemned the positions of the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Italy in support of the occupation in its aggression against Gaza, calling on the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to hold urgent sessions, and on the United Nations General Assembly to hold a special emergency session.