The Special Envoy of the United States (US) to Libya Richard Norland said the important issue of how Libya’s oil revenues are distributed has been one of the issues underlying conflict in Libya, adding in a tweet by the US embassy that he was pleased that his recent comments had generated such useful debate among Libyan leaders. 

He said the US consistently supported efforts on the part of the Presidential Council, House of Representatives, Government of National Unity and others to establish a transparent and accountable revenue management mechanism. 

"We have always believed and stated that only Libyans can decide this matter, and that no foreign actors should control it. We have noted real progress between relevant institutions on this issue in recent days and encourage leaders to reach agreement." He indicated.

Norland said this was an opportunity to build trust, address important and legitimate concerns about corruption, and ensure that the vast revenues accumulating from Libya’s ongoing oil production benefit all Libyans. 

"I welcome the opportunity to exchange views with Libyan leaders on this important aspect of Libya’s future.” Norland added. 

Norland's call for staying away from threatening to shut down oil production and imports sparked rejection by members of the House of Representatives and its designated Prime Minister Osama Hammad.