The Chairwoman of the media committee of the February High Committee Awatif Al-Teshani said Thursday that they had not received any budget or funds, adding that they are only organizing popular celebration to commemorate the 7th anniversary of February 17 revolution.

"The celebration event is very simple and was presented by Tripoli youths to the municipality and thus was approved. It also helped make it happen on the ground by the service sectors of the municipality." Al-Teshani added.

She also said that the celebration doesn't need huge amounts of money, neither does it need any official order as it involves no conflicting parties since the Martyrs Square is open for all Libyans, pointing out that only Central Tripoli municipality took part in the organization as the celebration lies in its borders.

"2018 budget was not provided to any government sector, including the Tripoli municipality." She explained

Several media outlets and websites, mainly Gaddafi loyalists, have circulated news saying the government allocated huge budgets for February 17 celebration, which was denied also by Gharyan municipality as it had been accused of receiving 28 million dinars for the celebration.