The Head of Civil Registry Authority in Benghazi, Osama Al-Dressi, said they had discovered over 800 forged national identification number documents as well as fake passports in Benghazi’s branch office.

Al-Dressi told reporters on Saturday that they had sent the public prosecution 416 proved cases and are still investigating the rest.

“Forgery is very dangerous to the Libyan identity.” He remarked.

He also said that they had stopped using the old stamps after they found out who the culprits are, without naming them, adding that they agreed with the Head of the Civil Registry Authority of the Presidential Council’s government Mohammed Baltamer to allow only the branch offices across the country to issue national identification numbers in order to avoid forgery.

“We will also cancel using the national ID in the bank cards transactions and use instead birth certificates from the civil registry for the greater good of people.” Al-Dressi added.

Earlier, Al-Dressi revealed that over 4000 foreigners were having fake Libyan National IDs and were discovered by employees, whom he said were suspended from work instead of rewarding them.