The Deputy Head of the Presidential Council, Abdullah Al-Lafi, stressed the importance of the international role in helping Libya through specialized international experts to assess the extent of the destruction resulting from Storm Daniel and ensuing floods, which claimed the lives of thousands of Libyans in the city of Derna and a number of cities in eastern Libya.

Al-Lafi praised the significant role played by the Spanish rescue team after the floods, and called for unifying all efforts through a single administration in dealing with the crisis, adding in his meeting with the Spanish Ambassador, Javier Larache, that Libya appreciated the efforts of the Kingdom of Spain to save as many lives as possible and help the families reach the bodies of their loved ones.

The Spanish ambassador stressed the continuation of work for humanitarian assistance in the cities impacted by floods through teams specialized in psychological support for those who lost their families and property, and another team specialized in epidemiology, to conduct the necessary tests of soil and drinking water, saying the team will arrive soon in Derna city.

On September 18, the Spanish rescue team was the first international team to announce the end of its mission in Derna, which witnessed the flood disaster that claimed the lives of thousands of people: as many as 3,845 people, according to figures documented and registered with the Ministry of Health in the government appointed by the House of Representatives, as per to the spokesman for the the government's High Committee for Emergency and Rapid Response.