Member of UN-proposed Presidency Council Fathi Al-Mijibri has unilaterally assigned a number of key government positions to a group of friends and loyalists, while Prime Minister of PC Fayaz Sirraj is busy attending his daughter's lavish wedding party in London as a cash crisis sweeps the country.

Al-Mijibri appointed Tobruk parliament MP Fathallah Al-Saiti as Director of Libyan Intelligence Agency.  Al-Mijibri and Al-Saiti  are both from Ajdabiya town in east Libya. They shifted from support to Ibrahim Jodran's PFG to Khalifa Haftar's Dignity Operation after the latter took control of oil ports in the oil crescent region.

Al-Mijibri also appointed Ibrahim Abu Shanaf as Justice Minister, Tarik Al-Obaidi as Economy and Industry Minister and Brig. Mohammed Zain as Chief of Anti-Terrorism Force.

The appointments have been rejected by member of PC Abdu-Salam Kajman who explained in a statement in his personal Facebook account that these appointments are invalid because of lack of a quorum.

Though the UN-proposed government is called a Government of National Accord, it has a deep-rooted discord among its members. It is seen by many Libyans now as a messy cabinet where members are very hard to agree and take the country out of the ongoing crisis.