PC-Red Cross

Vice President of the Presidential Council (PC), Abdullah Al-Lafi, received on Sunday a delegation from the Red Cross headed by John Nicolas as he ends his term of office in Libya.

A statement by the PC media office said the Red Cross official praised the PC for its cooperation with the committee during its work in Libya.

Announcing the opening of the committee's permanent office in Tripoli, Nicolas noted the " success achieved" by the Tripartite Commission on International Humanitarian Law regarding uncovering the identification of remains and detainees.

For his part, Al-Lafi expressed the PC's readiness to cooperate with the Red Cross in this file, pledging to address the difficulties encountered by the committee in performing its humanitarian work.

Al-Lafi said that disclosing the fate of those missing and detainees is crucial for the success of the national reconciliation project launched by the Presidential Council.