Abdullah Al-Lafi, member of the Presidential Council, on Wednesday convened a meeting grouping military commanders of the western region, including commander Mahmoud Hamza of the 444 Brigade, whose detention last week led to unrest in the capital.

The parties addressed the recent armed clashes in Tripoli and discussed a mechanism to prevent such incidents from occurring again.

Last week, the detention of Colonel Hamza triggered a fight in the capital, Tripoli, that left more than 55 people dead and dozens injured.

The military commanders who attended Wednesday's meeting also included Major General Salahuddin Al-Namroush, Commander of the Military Western Coast Zone, Major General Abdul Qadir Mansour, Chief of the Tripoli Military Region, and Lieutenant Colonel Mahmoud bin Rajab, commander of the 52nd Infantry Brigade.

The group stressed the importance of preserving all the "achievements" made during the Presidential Council's administration in terms of security, stability, and national reconciliation.

They also reviewed developments on the military and security levels in general and the progress made in the military areas across the western region.