Security Forces in Tripoli closed Sunday all roads leading to the capital’s main Martyrs’ Square with concrete barriers to prevent supporters of Libyan entrepreneur Basit Igtet from gathering on Monday.

The measure comes after Tripoli Security Department (TSD) refused to give permission to the protesters to gather in the square. The TSD claimed that the organizers of the protest have no clear vision and they don’t follow a specific party nor they have a known headquarters.

The TSD also claimed that a terrorist group planning to undermine security during the protest was arrested in Ein Zara district on Saturday.

In Misrata, the protesters were given permission to stage the protest.

Supporters of Libyan entrepreneur Basit Igtet are planning to stage protests in Tripoli and Misrata on Monday to call for overthrow of all current political entities in the Libyan scene.

Igtet, who wish to be the next prime minster for the country, accuses Chairman of Presidential Council Fayaz Sarraj and Chief of Dignity Operation Khalifa Haftar of being behind Libya’s political chaos and instability.