The Man-Made River Authority (MMRA) has expanded its water supply service to the mountain city of Rajban with plans to extend its network to the rest of the region.

Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah took to his X platform to note that the city receives water through the MMRA system for the first time, deeming the step a significant development that would pave the way for supplying water to other mountain cities. 

Dbeibah praised the workers from the Housing and Utilities Projects Authority and the Man-Made River Authority for completing crucial pathways that had been halted for 13 years, expressing gratitude towards their dedication and hard work in making this achievement possible. 

The Executive Authority for the MMRA announced that the valve for water flow from the Man-Made River was opened for the first time in Rajban last Saturday as part of the government's plan to provide water to the Western Mountain region.