The Man-Made River Project Management and Implementation Authority has approved a plan to develop wells and repair destroyed ones in 2024 to ensure that drinking water reaches all cities with a target rate of up to 6.4 million cubic meters for the entire river systems.

The Authority said that the plan to raise productivity includes the Sarir wells field, the Ajdabiya-Tobruk system, and the rehabilitation of the Ajdabiya reservoir, in addition to establishing the Ghadames-Zuwara-Al-Zawiya system and rehabilitating the Al-Saddada-Al-Gurdabiya system.

Regarding the Al-Hasawneh system, the Authority added that the targeted production in the development plan is 1.5 million cubic meters, meaning that it is an increase of more than 350 thousand cubic meters over the current production of 1,130 million cubic meters.

The Authority revealed the implementation plan for the Al-Kufra-Tazerbu system, saying that the targeted production will reach 1,680 million cubic metres.

The development operations that will be implemented by the Authority come within the framework of the Life Return project, which includes all service sectors and devices, with the aim of developing the Man-Made River's infrastructure.