The so-called Libyan Army, rogue General Khalifa Haftar's de facto armed militias, are behind abduction and torture in eastern Libya, a rescued prisoner from Tobruk revealed on Saturday.

Othman Bu Khattabia, one of Obidat tribe's elders, was abducted 2 weeks ago from central Tobruk by an armed group loyal to Khalifa Haftar for his anti-Dignity Operation views, before his armed tribesmen managed to detect his detention center in Suluq, a town about 53 kilometers to the south-east of Benghazi, and sets him free.

"They mistreated me and beaten me up, I was psychologically destroyed," he disclosed.

Bu Khattabia said his kidnappers had told him that they were from the "Libyan Army" and they accused him of collaborating with Ibrahim Jodran, backing UN-imposed government and incitement against Khalifa Haftar.

"They are militias from the so-called the General Command in Al-Marij and the so-called Haftar," he said.

"All the abducted citizens in Tobruk are in so-called Haftar's prisons, the so-called army prisons." He added.

Bu Khattabia also declared that his tribe would take an action towards these militias and the war criminal Haftar.

Last week, notables and elders of Tobruk accused militias of rogue General Khalifa Haftar of being behind the enforced disappearance of citizens and activists of the city.