The Tobruk desalination plant in eastern Libya has announced the disappearance of a Dutch engineer working for an Austrian company that is operating the plant in the city.

The Head of the high committee for the Tobruk desalination plant, Fathallah Al-Naas, said that the General Water Company contracted the Austrian company "Fabal", and the Dutch engineer "Antoine de Jong" works for it as the project installation engineer.

Al-Naas added that he had lost contact with the Dutch engineer since Saturday evening after he went alone to the beach, adding that the late-night search failed to find him. He added that after losing hope of finding the missing engineer, the security authorities were informed of the incident, and they took the appropriate measures.

The Head of the Maritime Rescue Office, Abdel Salam Rezigallah, confirmed that they had received a report from the Tobruk Security Directorate regarding the disappearance of the Dutch engineer, and as a result, the personnel combed through the beach area as well as carried out diving and search operations at the sea to no avail.

Rezigallah explained that eyewitnesses had reported that they saw the Dutch engineer fishing alone using a fishing rod before his disappearance.