Renegade general, Khalifa Haftar, warmly welcomed any involvement of fighter volunteers from Arab countries (mercenaries) in his forces, calling at the same time for military equipment and arms to Dignity Operation forces, excluding any military intervention in Libya similar to Yemen's Decisive Storm.

Speaking to CNN Arabic, Haftar said that he would not reject any Arab country’s initiative to send volunteers to Libya since no visa is required for any person to enter Libya.

He also accused Turkey, Qatar, and Sudan of sending "terrorists" to Libya via Misrata, decrying the ongoing dialogue with what he called “terrorist groups” implying reference to the General National Congress and Libya Dawn, which Leon described yesterday- following Algeria dialogue- as a significant part and partial of the solution to the Libyan crisis.

On his visit to Jordan, Haftar unveiled that there is “a Jordanian role” in the reconstruction and organization of his forces concealing what shape and size that role is going to take, adding that the help would not be that simple referring to involvements by Egypt and other countries from the Gulf.