Russia has called on the European Union to obtain an approval from the UN Security Council for the naval mission, IRINI, to monitor the implementation of Libya's arms embargo in the Mediterranean.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, speaking Tuesday via video link to members of the Gorchakov Club for public diplomacy, said the EU's unwillingness to brief the UN on the details of the operation raises questions.

Praising the idea of monitoring compliance as noble, Lavrov added that Russia had told its European friends that the EU must come to the UN Security Council and say: "the UN Security Council announced the arms embargo, we – the European Union – want to make another special operation to monitor compliance with the embargo, so we ask the Security Council to support our approach.”

He added that the fact that the EU is trying to avoid submitting its ideas to the UN Security Council raises questions about the reasons for this position.

The EU launched IRINI this month to monitor the implementation of the arms embargo in Libya, which was criticized by Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) authorities that said the mission "is against the GNA as it doesn't include monitor land or air activities, which make up the majority of Haftar's foreign military support."