The commander of the Sabha military zone of the Presidential Council's government Ali Kanna has called on the southern Libyan military units fighting for Khalifa Haftar's forces in their attack against Tripoli to immediately withdraw.

Kanna told reporters that Sabha military zone is with the Libyan Army of the Presidential Council's government in defending the capital in coordination with central and western military zones.

"All security forces in the south should be on alert to secure the southern region, oil fields and vital institutions. Also, all elders in the south should do their jobs by resolving the issues in the region." Kanna added.

The commander of Sabha military zone said they are in agreement with the National Oil Corporation in the need to leave the oil facilities out of the political conflict so the revenue can be distributed to all Libyans.

Meanwhile, the recruits of the Sabha military zone warned against any attacks that destabilize the southern region in Libya.

They said in a televised statement on Tuesday that they were ready to secure the southern region and to execute the orders of the Sabha military zone commander.