The Administrator of Education in Derna, Abdul Hamid Al-Tayeb, announced that schools in Derna will reopen on October 28, adding that the number of students who died in the floods from September 11 will be revealed after the start of classrooms. 

Al-Tayeb explained to Fawasel media that work was underway to receive all students from the flood-affected schools, register them, prepare schedules, and equip classrooms, noting that there are ten damaged schools, some of which need complete maintenance because important parts of them are damaged.

He said the number of deceased teachers during the flood in Derna was 300, and coordination will be made with the Ministry of Education to cover the deficit in teaching staff.

The number of registered students from the affected areas is 9,000 students, and about 500 students who are displaced outside Derna.

Classrooms were resumed in undamaged schools located in other areas of the city.

On Sunday, the Minister of Education of the Government of National Unity, Mousa Al-Magaryef, discussed the situation of students in Derna, and the possibility of resuming study there next Saturday, while evacuating the dispalced from educational institutions and transferring them to other locations.