Security services in Misrata seized three trucks with their drivers on Wednesday for attempting to smuggle fuel out of the city and sell it in the black market.

The trucks, loaded with 140,000 liters of diesel fuel, were bound for Sirte and Jufra, according to the Interior Ministry.

The Special Tasks Department at the Interior Ministry said they received a report of a suspicious movement involving a group preparing to leave the city with their fuel-loaded trucks.

The force said they sent a patrol to the reported place, where they arrested the drivers and seized the vehicles before their departure.

Inquiries into the case revealed that the trucks were filled from places designated for smuggling fuel in Misrata.

In a separate operation, the security services said they managed to thwart another smuggling attempt involving a fourth truck carrying diesel fuel out of Misrata.

It confirmed that all defendants were referred to the competent authorities to complete the legal procedures.

The force underscored that it would spare no effort in combating all crimes and negative phenomena to offer the people comfort and security.