Colonel Mohammed Abu Ghafayar, commander of Al-Bayda's Ali Hassan Al-Jabar Brigade, was killed in Derna today.

Abu Ghafayar is leading a coalition of revolutionary fighters in Derna to fight remnants of IS militants, who fled to the mountains after they were forced out of the city by Derna Shura Council.

Heavy clashes broke out in the early hours of the day as coalition forces from Derna Shura Council, Tobruk revolutionary fighters and Al-Bayda's Ali Hassan Al-Jabar Brigade advanced toward Al-Fatayah region in a fresh operation called Al-Qubbah Martyrs aimed at terminating IS fighters from their last stronghold.

Media reports from the city said the coalition forces took full control of Korfat Al-Saba'h and are now moving steadily in Al-Fatayah, a mountainous area in the southeast of the city.

Around 15 IS fighters, mostly foreigners, were arrested, the reports added.