Retired Libyan army General and current advisor to the UN-proposed government's Defense Minister, Sulaiman Al-Abedi, revealed that the personal secretary of Moamar Gaddafi Ahmed Ramadan told him that the prominent senior leader of Khalifa Haftar's forces in eastern Libya, Abdelsalam Al-Hassi, was in contact with Gaddafi and his intelligence to give away revolutionaries' movements during 2011 revolution.

Advisor Al-Abedi said on his Facebbok page that Gaddafi's personal secretary told him that Al-Hassi gave Moamar Gaddafi intelligence about the movement of the eastern revolutionaries' leader at that time, Abdelfattah Younis, and he severed connections after the assassination of Younis on July 29 2011.

"Al-Hassi was giving away the information taking the best advantage of his position at the time as the Head of National Army operation that was formed in the 2011 revolution and was led by Younis." Al-Abedi added.

He also added that Ramadan also revealed another name, who is Ahmed Al-Arifi - a leader in Al-Saiqa Force of Haftar's Dignity Operation - saying he was also giving away the revolutionaries' movements to Gaddafi.

"And a third from Misrata city and a fourth from eastern Libya were also unveiled as doing the same as Al-Hassi, but I forgot their names." Al-Abedi remarked, saying that Ramadan is still alive in jail as he was arrested by Misrata revolutionaries in September 2011.

"I was told of many secrets about Gaddafi's regime, including the mystery of the disappearance of the Shiite Lebanese leader, Musa al-Sadr, and the officer Omer Al-Mahishi, who led a coup against Gaddafi in the early 1970s.

After kicking off Dignity Operation in May 2014 in Benghazi, Haftar appointed Abdelsalam Al-Hassi as commander of the operations room of his forces.