A massive number of Libyans went on a demonstration that took off Monday afternoon from Tajura district and other neighborhoods arriving eventually at the Tripoli Martyrs Square to chant for reform and end of current crises as urged for by Basit Igtet - a former nominee for Prime Minister post.

Since 4.00 pm, the march had taken a shape and off the road it went until it reached Martyrs Square, where Igtet himself took the lead, with protesters who held slogans denouncing Al-Sirraj and Haftar as well as other officials, chanting their rejection of current economic and political problems and their hope for a change.

Meanwhile, the member of the September 25 Movement, Osama Al-Hilali, said the protests started from the port square and then into the Martyrs Square, adding they could only enter on foot as there are barriers.

He also said that no one tried to stop the protesters from entering the square.

Meanwhile, there were also anti-Igtet and September 25 Movement protests at the same square, calling for maintaining the current political process, while some people held slogans in favor of Haftar and Dignity Operation.

Igtet arrived Monday coming aboard Afriqiyah Airways plane from Tunisia, then he went to Tajura, where he was asked by The Libya Observer if he had any difficulties arriving in Mitiga Airport.

"I landed in Tripoli and everything went so smoothly, there weren't any hurdles," he said, adding that the aim of the protests in Libya is to let the Libyans' voices be heard and show the world that they need a change.


It's worth mentioning that the surrounding of Martyrs Square saw a heavy security presence since Sunday night ahead of Monday's protests, with security patrols blocking the entrances to the square with concrete barriers as the Tripoli Security Department refused to permit the event and with the statement of department's chief Salah Al-Samoui that he met Igtet and told him the protests are not going to be permitted.

The former nominee for the Libyan Premier post, Basit Igtet called on Libyans to take to Martyrs Square in Tripoli on September 25 to protest the deteriorated living conditions and the failed performance of Al-Sirraj and Haftar.