The Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade said Sunday that it won’t allow those who were sent out of Tripoli for destabilizing it to come back at night in order to achieve their goals.

The brigade warned, in a statement posted by its commander Haithem Al-Tajouri on his personal Facebook page, all those who try to destabilize Tripoli and threaten the security of its residents, saying using the card of the suffering of people is too cheap a bait that won’t be swallowed by the people.

“People’s suffering needs treatment by wisdom so that they can lead a better life and those who send solutions from abroad must come to Libya and live the suffering of the people first.” The statement adds.

It also added that going to the Martyr Square in Tripoli for demonstrations under the slogan of freedom of expression is aimed at destabilizing the capital and adding to the confusion on the political scene in Libya so that the “tricksters and defeated” can achieve their aims.

“The brigade forces will never allow those who claim to be patriot to destabilize the country and its capital.” The statement reads.

Meanwhile, prominent leader of the brigade and security adviser to the presidential council, Hashim Besher, told the press that there is a difference between peaceful demonstrations and using this privilege to destabilize in Tripoli, adding that he rejects the demonstrations that will make happen the “failed projects.”

The former nominee for the Libyan Premier post, Basit Igtet called on Libyans to take to Martyrs Square in Tripoli on September 25 to protest the deteriorated living conditions and the failed performance of Al-Sirraj and Haftar.