Libyans mark today (February 17, 2018) the seventh anniversary of the Libyan 2011 revolution, which freed the country from a 42-year-long dictatorship led by Moamar Gaddafi.

The revolution torch was seen Friday relaying from one district to another and from one neighborhood to another, especially in Misrata, Tajoura, and Tripoli.

On marched Libyans across the country starting from Saturday morning and flocked in public squares to celebrate and be part of events marking the seventh anniversary of February 17 revolution, with flags waving in hand.

Tripoli Martyrs Square, Fashloum neighborhood and nearby Tajoura as well as Janzour took part as part of the inside and the outside of the capital, in addition to Misrata, Al-Zawiya, Zuwara, Zlitin, Al-Khumus, Gharyan, Sabratha and Sabha as well as many cities and districts across the country.

“We build it together” has been the slogan chosen for the Peace Carnival organized by the Libyan Commission for the Revolution Celebration to be the point and aim of the celebrations in order to have Libyans’ hopes raised high for a better future for their country.

Amid the celebrations, there will be events including popular poems and songs in order to joyfully mark the beginning of a new year to come for the seven-year-old revolution.