A number of Libyan political parties and blocs have been dismayed by the fact that they were intentionally not invited to participate at Palermo Conference in Italy on November 12-13, among other international conferences and meetings.

They also said in their statement on Wednesday that such an eliminatory behavior toward them is harmful to the political process as any Libyan accord must be inclusive of all political, military and social parties so the accord can be materialized smoothly without hindrances.

"We call all stakeholders to adopt a Libyan national initiative that can end the current unrest and chaos." The statement reads.

The signatories of the statement are National Forces Alliance, National Front Party, Shabab Al-Wasat, Al-Watan Party, Taghyeer Party, Naam (Yes) Libya, Democratic Civilian Bloc, Mustakbal (Future) Movement, Libyan Union Gathering and National Federalist Bloc.

International stakeholders will be attending with Libyan parties Palermo Conference in Italy to broker a solution to the political stalemate.