The commander of Sirte-Jufra Liberation Operations Room Ibrahim Baytalmal said there are no red lines for their forces regarding liberating all of the Libyan cities.

Baytalmal told February TV that Sirte and Jufra are just like the rest of Libyan cities and that Government of National Accord forces will defend the country with utmost bravery and force.

He denied that there are Russian pressure holding off the GNA forces' advance on Sirte and Jufra, whose strategic liberation is a matter of consensus among all military commanders.

"Jufra airbase is now occupied by Russian Wagner Group mercenaries and UAE officers who are operating drones." Baytalmal added.

Russian Wagner mercenaries plant mines in Sirte houses, just like south Tripoli

The spokesman for the Sirte-Jufra Protection and Security Room Abdelhadi Drah said Sunday Khalifa Haftar's forces and Russian Wagner mercenaries were planting mines in houses inside residential areas in Sirte.

Drah added that Russian mercenaries had been leaving mines inside houses in western Sirte to hinder GNA forces' advance on the city.