Authorities have recovered six bodies belonging to illegal immigrants from the coastal area of Qasr Al-Akhyar, some 75 km east of Tripoli, the General Directorate of the Coastal Security announced on Sunday.

A unit from the Naval Operations Office of Tajoura moved to the site after receiving a notification regarding some dead bodies lying on the shore. The directorate indicated that legal measures are already in place after transferring the victims to the hospital.

On Saturday, the Municipal Council of Qasr Al-Akhyar expressed concern that many residents had abandoned the area due to the corps they find in their path to the seashore, especially during the summer.

The council urged the authorities to intervene and expressed fears of disease or epidemic outbreaks.

"The bodies emit foul odors... especially after the emergence of an unfamiliar mosquito, which caused fever and skin diseases and led to a state of panic among the citizens," the council said in a televised statement joined by residents in the area.