A delegation representing components of the south has threatened to form a parallel government similar to other existing governments, or to demand UN intervention if the rights of the southern region, which they outlined in a set of basic demands, were not met.

In a forum held in the presence of the Deputy Prime Minister, ministers of labour, finance, culture, environment and social affairs and the undersecretary of the ministry of foreign affairs, it stressed that their demands are to respect and appreciate ministers of the south and support them perform their duties to the fullest.

It also called for including the south’s representatives to the 5 + 5 Joint Military Committee, just like other regions, and assign the position of the speaker of parliament to the south, and all other positions assigned to the southern region, whether at the High Court or Presidential Council, based on the political accord.

It called for withdrawal of all people of the south from the current conflicting parties, and that the south be an instrument of peace not war, as they put it.

The delegation further pressed for assigning the Attorney General to investigate incidents of bribery, royalties, security breaches, high crime rate, to open offices to receive complaints, and to provide the south’s full needs of fuel, roads, maintenance and all services that affect the citizen in Fezzan.

In a clear reference to the forces affiliated with Haftar’s sons, the delegation pointed out that the military claiming to be the guardian of Fezzan and its security should go and protect the country’s borders rather than imposing royalties and collecting scrap metal.

Fezzan Municipal Council also met on Saturday, in Sabha, calling on the Government of National Unity to hold an emergency session on the situation in the south and take several decisions accordingly.

After their meeting in Sabha, the Council submitted 10 demands to the Government of National Unity and the House of Representatives, about two weeks after the explosion of the fuel tanker in the city of Bent Bayah, which resulted in the death of 23 people and injury of scores of others.