The Youths and Students Gathering for Building Peace and Boosting Stability kicked off Tuesday in Tripoli in for presence of Presidential Council Deputy Head, Abdullah Al-Lafi, who stressed the importance of the youths' role in the success of national reconciliation, adding that the main task of the students would be to take the initiative for a better future for Libya by taking part with the rest of Libyans through their ideas and proposals.

Al-Lafi said they youths are the future, adding that they should not fall into division so that Libya can remain united.

The member of the House of Representatives Ayman Saif Al-Nasser said national reconciliation is the way for peace and stability and the youths should seize the opportunity of this gathering to set practical recommendations in that regard.

The Minister of Justice, Halima Abdelrahman, said her ministry supports youths-based national reconciliation and asked them to advocate for unity not for division and to work with the Presidential Council to achieve national reconciliation.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Youths, Fathallah Al-Zinni, said the ministry is working on allowing young Libyans to be part of public policies.