The Presidential Council, in its capacity as the Supreme Commander of the Libyan Army, has ordered all forces that clashed or are in a state of engagement in the capital, Tripoli, to stop fighting immediately and return to their positions without delay.

The Salah al-Din area, south of Tripoli, witnessed violent clashes between security and military formations that extended until the early morning hours of Friday.

In a statement Friday, the PC directed the Chief of the General Staff and the Military Prosecutor to take immediate action against the commanders of those forces and to provide it with the procedures applied, ordering the army to exercise the powers entrusted to it by the law to control the situation.

"All military and security units must adhere to the instructions and communications that prohibit movement without prior permission, per the applicable context."

It underscored that it would not allow the recurrence of such events. "Any act in violation of these communications is a crime punishable by law, given the security risk it poses to the security and safety of the citizen and the state."

Identical sources indicated that the clashes erupted between the Stabilisation Support Force and the 444 Brigade near the Takbali camp, HQ of the Tripoli Military District controlled by Brigade 444.