Supreme Energy Council

The Libyan Supreme Energy Council held its fifth meeting on June 18 at the headquarters of the General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL), where the Head of the Council and Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah reaffirmed his appreciation for the efforts made by all GECOL's employees to carry out a number of maintenance operations and operate the stations at full capacity, which contributed to the stability of the network during the height of last winter. He also stressed the need for implementing the plan that was approved by his government to meet the summer energy consumption.

GECOL's technical team gave a presentation that included the massive overhauls and maintenance of transmission lines that contributed to stability and avoided resorting to load shedding of power in Libya. GECOL also reviewed its technical plan for the second half of this year, which included distribution, energy transmission, production and planning projects that target a number of operating stations, maintenance and development of transmission lines for which no projects have been implemented for 10 years, in addition to supporting the network through the building of new power plants. 

The members of the Supreme Energy Council stressed the need to support GECOL's efforts to implement its plan, with the need to follow it up technically and financially to ensure the safety and facilitation of procedures.

The Supreme Energy held last week its fourth meeting, which discussed the National Oil Corporation's plan to increase production, and reviewed ongoing projects in affiliate companies and international partnerships with global expertise in gas exploration, alternative energy, and fighting carbon emissions.