The Tabu Congress commemorated the 3rd anniversary of ‘August 4th Massacre’, in which 48 civilians were killed and 60 others wounded, following Haftar’s warplanes bombardment of the city of Murzuq.

‘This incident is yet another crime to be added to bloody record of Haftar's militia,’the Congress stated.

It accused Haftar’s militia of racism, and considered the massacre a crime against the Tabu minority and an attempt to displace them from their areas in the south and indeed to exterminate them, as part of a systematic plan and criminal policy towards the Tabu, according to the statement.

The massacre perpetrated through 3 consecutive air strikes, waged by drones belonging to the UAE Air Force in support of the war criminal, the statement explained.

The air strikes also targeted paramedics who tried to carry the wounded to hospitals, stressing that the targets of the crime were civilians attending a social event, according to the testimony of the experts report of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, the statement went on to say.

The Tabu Congress called on the International Criminal Court to finalize its procedures in accordance with the briefing presented by the Congress’ President, Issa Abdel Megeed to the Court and the United Nations Human Rights Council in 1919, the statement stressed.

Tabu activists are seeking to file civil law suits against Haftar, similar to those brought against him recently in America, due to the crimes committed by his militias in Benghazi and Tripoli. The US Virginia Court ruled that Haftar is responsible for those crimes and will convene next September to announce the compensation amount to the families of the victims, expected to be well over 150 million dollars.