Civil societies in Tawergha have confirmed that the statement of the full return of the city's IDPs to their houses will be announced on Ramadan 27 in the presence of official authorities.

In a statement, the civil societies said they talked with the "Who Enters Tawergha is Safe" organizers in Misrata city.

It also called on the Presidential Council, the House of Representatives and the High Council of State to assume their responsibility to take the needed measures for the return of IDPs to Tawergha, calling on all the IDPs to get ready for voluntary return.

The statement also urged all councils of elders, municipalities and Shura councils to support the initiative that advocates the return of Tawergha displaced people.

It also called on the international community, the UNSMIL and others to provide the logistic support for the return of the IDPs to Tawergha.

On June 08, the Misrata contact with Tawergha committee announced the kickoff of the initiative that aims at returning the Tawergha IDPs to their city under the slogan "Who Enters Tawrrgha is Safe."