The mayor of Tobruk and the municipal members all resigned on Tuesday for unknown reasons, which some say they could be tribal conflict for state positions in the Libyan eastern city.

Likewise, the general director of Tobruk Airport Saad Jaballah has resigned in solidarity with the municipality, calling on the elders and civil societies to interfere and bridge the gap in the city and convince mayor Faraj Bu Al-Khatabiya to undo his resignation or all state institutions in Tobruk could shut down.

The spokesman for Tobruk municipality Marwan Abu Younis said the mayor resigned due to his health conditions and then the members of the municipality resigned as well, saying the real cause could be the issues lingering in Tobruk over the last months.

"Some of the issues are the shutdown of Tobruk university in last May due to tribal conflicts and ignoring the delivery of Tobruk municipality's budget since the beginning of 2019." Yiunis added.

Gunmen from Maryam Tribe (Abedat-Tribe-related) closed all facilities and faculties of Tobruk university on May 24 in rejection of appointing a new president from a different tribe for the university by the Interim Government to replace their own tribal fellow Abdelziz Buhaliqa.

The municipality's steering council tried to reopen the university - which accommodates 12.000 students - by asking the security department, but it did not move along.

Similar conflicts happened in Tobruk months ago when Abedat tribe's official was appointed an official at Tobruk Airport, but he was rejected by Manfa tribe, closing the airport for over a month let alone similar issues in different institutions in the city.