Tripoli Appeals Court reinstates Dbeibah as presidential candidate

Tripoli Appeals Court reinstates Dbeibah as presidential candidate

December 01, 2021 - 19:33
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Tripoli Appeals Court rejected Wednesday all appeals against presidential candidate and current Prime Minister Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah's presidential bid, carrying out a final ruling to allow Dbeibah back on list of candidates for the December 24 vote.

On Tuesday, the court accepted the first appeal against Dbeibah but adjourned two other appeals for Wednesday. However, the court rejected all three appeals, one of which was filed by presidential candidate and ex-Minister of Interior Fathi Bashagha, in Wednesday's session.

The court also rejected appeal by Fathi Bashagha against presidential candidate and Head of Audit Bureau Khalid Shakshak. In addition, it ruled in favor of disqualified candidates Salama Al-Ghweil, Fathi Benshatwan and Nuri Abu Sahmain, putting them back in the presidential race.

On Tuesday, Al-Zawiya Court’s Appeals Committee accepted an appeal against the presidential candidacy of Khalifa Haftar, saying the decision of Supreme Judicial Council to carry out appeals in the area where the subject of the motion registered (Haftar in Benghazi, for example) was " a decision not a law".