The Tripoli Appeals Court rejected the appeal approved by Al-Zawiya Court against Khalifa Haftar for lack of the court's legal area capacity in this matter, thus reinstating Haftar as a presidential elections' candidate.

Al-Zawiya Court ruled Haftar out of the presidential elections' preliminary list on November 30 by accepting the appeal against him and the High National Elections Commission (HNEC).

The Court in Al-Zawiya considered that the decision of the Supreme Judicial Council to amend appeals laws to make motions against candidates in the areas where they registered their candidacies as (a decision that doesn't nullify the law). However, the Tripoli Appeals Court rejected Monday the ruling of Al-Zawiya Court.

The decision of the Supreme Judicial Council to allow appeals only in the area of candidates was criticized because motions wouldn't be easy to lodge in courts where certain candidates, like Haftar in Benghazi, registered.