Several brigades and armed forces that took part in the clashes in Tripoli over the last three days announced that they won't be a part of the ceasefire reached and sponsored by the Presidential Council of the UN-proposed government at Thursday dawn.

"The ceasefire does not represent us." They remarked.

Ghaniwa brigade, also known as the Deterrent and Intervention Joint Force, was the first to disavow the ceasefire agreement, saying in a statement that it is not included in the agreement, though it won't be a hindrance to the efforts to stop the bloodshed in Tripoli.

"We are not urging for war, we are looking for comprehensive solutions, we will not let down the residents of Tripoli who want to live safely and kick out the militias that are bothering them day in and day out." The statement adds.

Likewise, Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade, said the ceasefire does not represent it neither does it represent the aspirations of Tripoli locals.

"The ceasefire brokers must have named the issues as they truly are. They should have demanded all the armed groups responsible for chaos and crimes be kicked out of the capital and declare them as illegitimate." The brigade explained.

It added that the victim and the perpetrator of the crime are never to be one and the same, so th ceasefire cannot enable the chaos and corruption at the excuse of avoiding the bloodshed, leaving the residents at the mercy of daily crimes and violations.

Whereas, the Salvation Government's Presidential Guard said it won't stand idly by watching the state sovereign institutions being taken over by armed groups, implying the Guest Palaces in Rixos, Tripoli.

It also urged the armed groups to depart those state institutions without any preconditions or it would use force to recapture them and secure the properties of the Libyan state.

"All Tripoli residents must be warned of coming nearby the clashes' areas for their own safety." The SG Presidential Guard added.

From late Wednesday to early Thursday, the fight was intensifying in the areas of Salah Al-Deen and Khalat Al-Furjan in Tripoli between Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade of the Presidential Council and SG armed brigades positioned in Yarmouk camp.

Uneasy calm has descended on the area after the clashes took a break.

Other parts of Tripoli are also undergoing an uneasy calm with living conditions starting to go back to normal piecemeal and roads starting to reopen. However, schools and government institutions continued to be closed on Thursday and will resume work on Sunday.