The Tripoli Court of Appeal postponed on Tuesday the trial of the former son of dictator Muammar Gaddafi and set a date for the ruling on his former prime minister.

In the first trial, The Second Criminal Chamber of the Tripoli Court of Appeal postponed its deliberation of one of the cases filed against Saadi Gaddafi - accused of killing Bashir Al Rayani, a former player at Tripoli’s Al-Ittihad Football Club and national team – until next month due to requests from the prosecutor and the defense lawyer to be able to call more witnesses.

The proceedings of this hearing were attended by the victim’s relatives according to the Ministry of Justice.

In the second trial, the Criminal Chamber 12 set next September to rule on case No. 175/1365, against former Secretary of the General People's Committee, Al-Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi. This decision came after the court heard testimonies of the witnesses. Al-Baghdadi is charged in this case with the false imprisonment a citizen by force.

Several other charges, including the violent suppression of Gaddafi opponents in 2011 and misappropriation of public funds, are waiting both Gaddafi officials.