Tripoli revolutionary fighters refuse UN-imposed government

Tripoli revolutionary fighters refuse UN-imposed government

January 27, 2016 - 12:06
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

Tripoli's most powerful brigade and the city's revolutionary fighters confirmed on Tuesday that imposing a government on Libyans by the international community is considered a new colonization attempt.

"All kinds of foreign intervention are completely rejected and any threats of sanctions against the revolution figures are as well refused," a statement by Tripoli Revolutionaries' Brigade led by Haitem Al-Tajouri, and local fighters reaffirmed, as hundreds of fighters paraded in the city to show force and reject foreign dictations.

The statement stressed that all the political agreements must be approved by Libya’s Ulama  (scholars) as regards to whether or not they are legitimate, explaining that Libya’s sovereignty cannot be negotiated.

“By imposing a government on us, the international community turns from an advisor and sponsor to a dictator, which renders it unprofessional and unauthentic.” The statement indicated.

It also explained that the east revolutionaries in Benghazi, Ajdabia and Derna are the basis of 17 February and the guardians of its constants across Libya, in addition, the west and south revolutionaries are the security of the country.

The fighters also refused the rule of the army and condemned Haftar's project and policies, reassuring that the revolutionaries are the crux of any agreement as it is continuously building up military and security forces.

“IS and Khalifa Haftar represent an anti-revolution that is there to abort Libya’s revolution against the despotism of tyrants, so all what the Italian Paolo Serra is doing is try to create a new occupation archetype by force, which is completely impossible.” The statement elaborates.

The fighters also called for adoption of the Islamic Sharia as the only source of legislations.

“The Libyan people’s religion is Islam and the only legislation source stems only from Islamic Sharia, so any laws that go at odds with it are invalid.” The statement reads.