The Tripolitanian Society called on the Presidential Council to “take a patriotic stance and side with the Libyan people to end the political impasse caused by the House of Representatives”, saying that the Presidential Council should declare a state of emergency until parliamentary elections are held, or freeze the work of the House of Representatives (HoR) and the High Council of the State (HCS) and set a date for parliamentary elections soon.

The Society indicated in a statement that Libyan parliamentary elections should be held as per the original version of the constitutional declaration, on which the General National Congress elections were held, or through a constitutional basis devised by the Supreme Court.

“All countries intervening in Libya should stop such action and allow the Libyan people to decide their fate by establishing their civil state and democratic system, which they have aspired for since 2011.” The Society said, calling on the United Nations Support Mission to help Libyans reach lasting stability, and work to end any political agreement that extends the legitimacy of the HoR and HCS.

The Tripolitanian Society added that the HoR was overpowered by regionalism, tribalism, selfishness and personal interest, and that it had become a hostage to the military and Khalifa Haftar, urging all Libyans to go on demonstrations to reject the continuation of mandates of the HoR and HCS, accusing the latter of fabricating consensus sometimes and disagreement at other times in order to continue in power and obtain the largest possible amount of personal interests.