Tuareg and Tabu agree to ceasefire in Sabha

Tuareg and Tabu agree to ceasefire in Sabha

July 27, 2015 - 11:22
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Tabu and Tuarerg tribes in Sabha signed Sunday a reconciliation agreement that obliged them both to ceasefire after deadly weeks of bloodshed, killing, and damage in properties.
The ceasefire, sponsored by Libya Elders Council and the GNC’s Third Force, orders both tribes to cease their fire allowing the displaced families to return, besides; it urges for exchange of prisoners as well as the withdrawal of their forces out of the city. 

This agreement is the second in a week span. Last week, the two tribes came to a ceasefire agreement, but they violated it just a day after the signing. 
Violent clashes erupted between the two tribes in Al-Tayori neighborhood in southern Sabha, which caused a wave of displacement among the families estimated by 4000 persons, who mainly fled to Sabha’s downtown area. 

Meanwhile, Libya’s south has been a place of unsettled security and constant armed clashes that left scores dead and others injured among the local southern tribes. News reports, moreover, said that the current security instability in the south was fueled by tribal militias from neighbor countries under sponsorship of France and some Arab countries aiming at having a strong grip on the south to establish a region independent from Libya.