A Turkish delegation is preparing for a visit to Libya to hold meetings with officials in Tripoli, Misurata, and Benghazi, the Turkish newspaper Zaman has reported.

The delegation, which composes of Turkish MPs and members of the Turkish-Libyan Friendship Group, will meet different groups in Libya, chief among them members of the Libyan parliament, while the date of the upcoming visit has not yet been determined.

In mid-December, the Turkish parliament hosted a group of Libyan MPs from the eastern region, who expressed their aspirations to establish relations with Turkey.

In the same context, the Turkish ambassador to Libya recently made two visits to the eastern region, the first at the invitation of the Speaker of the Tobruk-based Parliament, Aqila Saleh, and the second to the city of Benghazi, accompanied by a number of Turkish entrepreneurs, at the invitation of its mayor.