The Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Çavuşoglu, said Turkey’s embassy in Libya is going to reopen and visa on Libyans will be cancelled soon.

In a joint press conference with the UN-proposed government’s Foreign Minister, Mohammed Sayalah, Monday in Tripoli, the Turkish Foreign Minister said he had come to Libya to discuss reopening the embassy and canceling visa on Libyan citizens as well as the resumption of work by the Turkish firms in the mutual projects between the two countries.

“We will make it easy for Libyan nationals to obtain a travel visa to Turkey, and we promise that by the recovery of the security situation in Libya, we are going to cancel the visa requirements for good.” Çavuşoglu remarked.

“We are ready to assist Libya in fighting IS terrorists and in transportation and energy sectors.” Çavuşoglu added.

On the other hand, The UN-proposed government’s FM, Sayalah, said they reviewed the issue of the return of the Turkish companies to Libya, especially those working in infrastructure projects, pointing out that the Turkish company working in Ubari power plant has begun resuming work in there.

“Tripoli Municipality and Istanbul counterpart are ready to sign a partnership deal to expand the cooperation methods and types between Libya and Turkey.” Sayalah indicated.

He also announced the resumption of Libyan flights to Tunisia's Carthage Airport starting from tomorrow, May 31, following months of suspension.