Clashes broke out Sunday afternoon in Venicia street in Benghazi, eastern Libya, between a Criminal Investigation Department force of the interior ministry at the Interim Government and Al-Zawiya Martyrs Brigade of Khalifa Haftar-led self-styled army.

Sources reported that a Criminal Investigation Department officer was killed along with an Egyptian national, while another person was injured.

Eyewitnesses reported to the media that the armed forces from both sides blocked the roads leading to the clashes' zone.

The reason behind the clashes, according to residents, was a land ownership dispute, while a security source from the Criminal Investigation Department said the fighting was caused by the chase the brigade conducted after one of their officers.

Footage of the clashes was circulated on social media.

Benghazi has seen an unrest over the last days with clashes breaking out at Hadaek area over the arrest of one of the Al-Zawiya Martyrs Brigade's fighters.