The National Committee for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL) has urged for a comprehensive investigation into the kidnapping of activist Mansour Atti, the Red Crescent chief of Ajdabiya branch and head of the city's civil society commission, two months after he was kidnapped from his hometown Ajdabiya by unknown gunmen.

Marking 60 days of Atti's abduction, the NCHRL renewed its call for the General Advocate office of Benghazi and the Ajdabiya Security Directorate to open a comprehensive investigation into the incident to reveal his fate and secure his release holding the kidnappers responsible for Atti’s safety and life.

The committee urged authorities to take swift and effective measures to mitigate the threat facing humanitarian and civil society actors and stop such practices and crimes against them.

"The Committee calls on the authorities to assume their legal, national and humanitarian responsibilities, and fulfill their obligations towards protecting rights and public freedoms, and ensuring the safety and security of citizens in general, and workers in the field of humanitarian and medical work, journalists, media professionals, bloggers, activists, and human rights defenders in particular."